for the lack of posts on here you guys. I miss you all!

School has been super crazy and I just got my first job so time is very limited. But if you want to follow my main blog go ahead and follow it at

also, be sure to leave me requests and I will get to them ASAP :)


New Video up!


Hey everyone!

Sorry for the lack of posts! School and everything is super super busy! BUT, if you like to watch some videos on youtube please be sure to check out my channel (! I am going to be posting more regularly! Thank you so much for your support!

I will try my best to make some new pictures soon :)


what do you want to do before you die? what are some things you love?

now taking submissions.

check the master list before you send them in please :)
these pictures are not mine unless otherwise stated, however i do edit all of the pictures.

let me know if they're is a typo, and i will do my best to fix it.